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Founded in 2004, brokersXpress Chicago is an independent brokerage branch of brokersXpress, LLC (Member FINRA, SIPC), a wholly owned subsidiary of optionsXpress Holdings, Inc. BX Chicago is a full service broker, and one of the most experienced option broker teams in the industry. BX Chicago offers a first rate online trading system and a special brand of personal guidance. Clients run the gamut from self-directed investors looking for help, to accounts managed by Investment Advisor Representatives.

The team at BX Chicago prides themselves on delivering exceptional client service, great support, personalized expert guidance and award winning technology. In keeping with these values, they were looking for a platform that allowed their firm to better interact with clients. At the same time, the firm has such a strong referral pipeline from satisfied, well-served clients that they were looking to leverage technology so that they could scale the operation while freeing time to better serve an expanding client base.

Before their introduction to E*Assist by brokersXpress CEO Barry Metzger, BX Chicago had gone through a series of different technology solutions. They started with a standard version of salesforce without E*Assist, but it wasn’t customized for the financial industry. The next few systems were dropped because they required too much programming and customization by the customer, or were too inflexible (portability issues limited remote access to some systems). “In 2007 we took a look at the new product E*Assist had introduced and realized it was exactly what we needed. The marriage of Salesforce’s applications with E*Assist focus on financial services resulted in a more user-friendly and appropriate technology than we could have designed on our own,” explained Mike Lavelle. “The service and support have been exceptional. Their tech support team is available at a moment’s notice. Often they proactively ask us for the top 5 features we could benefit from. They then implement the solutions -- often at no cost if they feel it benefits other users of their system,” he added

BX Chicago’s use of E*Assist has significantly improved efficiency, client service and the ability to maximize new business opportunities and firm growth. “E*Assist has turned us into ‘super brokers’. It’s not just about multi-tasking, but being in front of our clients in a meaningful way. The system allows us to set up multiple alerts to hundreds of clients daily based on pre-determined criteria. We also actively use the automation function to enhance the high-touch approach of personalized emails. The system sets up cues to send client notes on everything from birthday messages to product and service offerings based on each client’s unique situation,” Lavelle explained. “And because the system saves a record of every email, every webinar and training notice, our compliance staff is very happy,” he added.

BX Chicago’s next plans for E*Assist technology are to use it for more new business prospecting and tracking. “Using the system, we have easy access to client data based on where they came from. The system reflects which lead sources are business generators and where to allocate marketing money more efficiently. The system also supports more proactive prospecting. The more I work with E*Assist, the more ways I think of to benefit from their technology. The system can be use to send mass-emails about breaking financial news impacting clients, like newly announced fed rate decisions.”

Mike Lavelle can be reached at 800-230-5570.